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We are always pleased to receive comments and questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything we can do to make your visits more enjoyable.

We may be reached at :

The National Club
303 Bay Street
Toronto, Ontario M5H 2R1

Fax: 416-364-5666

General Email:

Bill Morari
General Manager / COO
416-364-3247 Ext.: 235
Laurie Farnum
Clubhouse Manager
416-364-3247 Ext.: 241
James Stewart
Executive Chef
416-364-3247 Ext.: 243
Zenaida Dulce
Financial Controller
416-364-3247 Ext.: 239
Renata Zaborowski
Assistant Catering Manager
416-364-3247 Ext.: 284
Terry Connelly
Membership & Communications Coordinator
416-364-3247 Ext.: 236
Ricky Bhang
Banquet and Dining Room Manager
416-364-3247 Ext.: 287
Brian Perry
Wine Consultant, Beverage Manager and Sommelier
416-364-3247 Ext.: 256
Ronnie Newman
Accounts Receivable & Personnel Administrator
416-364-3247 Ext.: 249
Ray Sakys
Purchasing and Receiving
416-364-3247 Ext.: 250

Jeremy Ennis
Beverage Manager &  Head Sommelier